Jason Blum net worth 2024- CEO of Blumhouse production?

Jason Blum is a successful American director and producer of movies and T.V shows. He is well known for his work in Horror genre. He is the founder and CEO of Blumhouse productions, he has produced many successful Films, establishing himself at a significant net worth and a most leading figures in the industry.
Let’s unreview Jason Blum net worth 2024~

Jason Blum net worth 2024

Jason Blum’s net worth 2024-

Name Jason Ferus Blum
Bithdate 1969(55 years)
Monthly income $2 Million+
Yearly income $25 Million+
Net worth(2024) $225 Million+
Profession Film producer, Director, Businessman, CEO

Jason Blum started working as a producer since 1995. His work has been going strong for a long time. He has also been the main producer of many T.V shows and movies.

Jason Blum won many awards for his successful work. His production house has made a large profits by top grossing movies and shows which earned him a multi-millionaire status. Jason Blum net worth is about $225 million.

Early Life & Education

Jason Blum was born in 1969 in los Angeles, California. His father’s name was Irving Blum and his mother’s name is Shirley Blum, born in a Jewish family, his dad ran a moder art store and his mother use to teach art history.

For his higher, Blum went to Vassar college and graduated in 1991.

Personal Life

Jason Blum is married to a journalist, Lauren schuker in 2012. Both of them are happily married. Both of them welcomed their daughter, Roxy Blum in 2015. They have a strong bond with shared interests and compatibility together with pursing their individual passion in the entertainment and flim industry.
Jason and Lauren’s strong bond extends beyond their personal life. They have collaborated in many projects, brought their own expertise in journalism and film production which left a impact among the audiences.

Carrer Growth

Jason Blum started his producer carrer at Malaparte theater company ran by Ethan Hawke where is gained experience in producing live performances. Blum’s passion in storytelling led him to pursue a opportunity in major production companies. He started working as a excutive in Miramax, company ran by Weinstein brothers. At the same time Jason worked at Paramount Pictures. This experiences gave him invaluable industry knowledge and connections. He quickly made a name for his future movies.
In 1995, he gather faith and financed his first movie named “Kicking and Screaming” written and directed by his former College roommate Noah Baumbach.

Blumhouse Productions- Movies

In 2000, Jason founded a film and television production company, named Blum Israel productions, which was later renamed as Blumhouse productions. The major aim of the company was to make produce films on a low budgets which gave directors more freedom for creativity. Blumhouse productions established this model with many success movies like Oren Peli’s 2007 supernatural horrer film “Paranormal Activity” made for only $15,000, and the film crossed $193 million worldwide. Blumhouse further succeeded with other horror franchises, namely “Insidious” , “The Purge” and “Halloween”. Blumhouse Productions had one of its biggest hit movie with Jordan Peele’s 2017 horror film “Get Out” which nominated for “Academy Awards” for Best Picture.
Blumhouse produced many movies outside the horror genre as well, some popular where Damein chazelle’s 2014 Psychology drama “Whiplash” and Spike Lee’s 2018 biographical crime film “Blackklansman” which won the Academy Awards for best writing.

Blumhouse Productions- Television

Blumhouse began its television production in 2002 with the television film “Hysterical blindness” , after they didn’t produce for television till 2013. Then started with paranormal investigation reality show “Stranded”. Blum had one of his greatest successes with HBO television film “The Normal Heart” by Larry Kramer which played crisis of Aids in New york city. In 66th Primetime Emmy Awards, it won the Outstanding Television Movie. Blumhouse continued his success with HBO documentary “The Jinx” about convicted murderer Robert Durst. The program won the Emmy Awards for Outstanding Documentary.


Jason Blum is a great American Director and Producer who is well known for his movies and television shows. He worked with many production houses and companies which gained them valuable experience, with it in 2002 he started his who Production company and gave many successful hits to the industry. His works won many Awards which earned him a net worth of $225 Million.

Queries about Jason Blum net worth:

1. How much is Blumhouse CEO worth?
— Jason Blum net worth is $225 million. He is th CEO of Blumhouse productions.
2. Who is the richest shark on Shark Tank?
— Mark Cuban is the richest shark, with a approx net worth of US$6.2 billion dollars.
3. Who is Jason Blum married to?
— Jason Blum wife is Lauren schuker, she is a journalist.
4. Who is CEO of Blumhouse?
— Jason Blum is the CEO of Blumhouse productions.

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