Tyrese Gibson Net Worth 2024 (Forbes)

What is Tyrese Gibson Net Worth 2024?

Name Tyrese Denell Gibson
Birthdate 30 Dec, 1978(45 years)
Net Worth $18 million
Profession Rapper, Actor, Author, Singer,  Model, film producer, television producer, songwriter

Tyrese Gibson is a successful American Actor, singer, songwriter, model, author and a rapper. He is Grammy nominated. Tyrese started his entertainment career in late 1990’s in music industry. His albums self-titled “Tyrese”(1998), “Black Rose”(2015), “2000 watts”(2001) were commercial success for him.

Gibson’s Acting carrer took a rapid growth when he was featured as a “Roman Pearce” in blockbuster “2 fast 2 furious” a second success of franchise “fast and furious”. This role in the movie captured a global audience and also marked the beginning of a long-termed deal with the franchise, where he delivered his subsequent role. Tyrese was also featured in wide range of movies including “Baby Boy”(2001), “four Brothers”(2005), and “Transformers”(2007-2011).

Tyrese Gibson Net Worth

Music Career

In 1998, Tyrese signed with RCA records and released his first debut single, “Nobody Else”, it was hiked at number 36 in Hot 100 charts. His first album was released on September 29, 1998. In late 1998’s he became the host of MTV weekday video show “MTV Jams”. His album’s third single “Sweet Lady” was the most popular on the album. It hiked at number 9 at R&B charts. Tyrese Gibson was nominated for a Grammy for the best R&B male vocal performance for “Sweet Lady”.

In May 2001, Tyrese released his second album “2000 Watts”. The first single off the album was “I Like Them Girls”, which hiked at number 15 on charts. The third single from album was “Just a Baby Boy” featured Snoop Dogg and Mr. Tan.
Tyrese’s 2015 album, “Black Rose” was at number one in billboard top 200 charts. It was the most successful album of his Career.

Acting Career

Tyrese Gibson started his acting career in 2001, with John Singleton’s ‘Baby Boy”. In 2005 he was casted in action-crime drama “four-Brothers”. His career bosted in subsequent roles in highest grossing films like “Transformers” and “fast and furious”. Tyrese also appeared in many television shows “The Parent Hood”, “American Dad”, “Black and Blue”, “Martin Moesha” and Hanging with “Mr. Cooper.”

Early Life

Tyrese Denell Gibson was born on December 30, 1978, in watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. Tyrese’s mother, Priscilla Murray Gibson raised him and his three older siblings as a single parent. At urging of his High school music teacher, he auditioned for Coca-Cola ad commercial. He was selected in the ad on 1994 and 16 year old Gibson was featured in singing the Phrase “Always coca-cola”. This also led to his modelling jobs with Tommy Hilfiger.

Personal Life

Tyrese Gibson was married to Norma Mitchell in 2007, both were blessed with a daughter, Shayla  in same year. They were divorced in 2009. Later in 2017 Norma took out a temporary restraining order against Tyrese, in request that Tyrese abused her and their daughter. Few months later  Tyrese and Norma became embroiled in a custody to battle over their daughter, Shayla. Norma accursed Tyrese of allegedly hitting their child and requested another restraining order. Her claims were rejected by the court. The judge also set a child support cost for Norma could bill Tyrese for. In 2019, Tyrese filed a complaint against his ex-wife for violating the conditions for their joint-custody.
On February 14, 2017 Tyrese married Samantha Lee and a daughter was born on October 1, 2018. After the divorce process, Tyrese was ordered to pay $10,000 per month for child support and a 2017 Range Rover.


Tyrese Gibson is a successful actor, singer songwriter, rapper, author and model. He has earned his wealth through his successful acting and music career. Tyrese is a inspiration and a role model to many people. Tyrese Gibson net worth is $18 million and his wealth is growing at  increasing quantities every year.

Common Questions about Tyrese Gibson Net worth –

• How much money does Tyrese Gibson make?
— Tyrese Gibson’s Net worth is around $18 million. He is well known for his role in Fast& Furious franchise. Tyrese has sold 4 million music records. Tyrese earns $2 million per movie and his total annual income is about $5 million.
• How old is Tyrese?
— Tyrese  Gibson was born on December 30, 1978, in watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. As of date, he is 45 years old.
• Does Tyrese Gibson have kids?
— Shayla Gibson, born in 2007
• Does Tyrese have his daughter?
—  Tyrese’s daughter Shayla has separated from him due to divorce from his wife, Norma.
• How many records has Tyrese sold?
—  Tyrese sold over 4 million music records in his music career.
• Tyrese Gibson net worth Forbes?
— Tyrese Gibson’s Net worth according to Forbes is $21 million.
• How much did Tyrese get paid for Transformers?
— Tyrese was paid $500,000-$700,000 fir his role in the movie “Transformers.”
• Who is Tyrese Gibson’s first wife?
— Tyrese Gibson’s first wife is Norma Gibson.
• How much is Tyrese house?
— Tyrese brought his Atlanta Dream Mansion for around $4 million.
• Tyrese Gibson salary fast 9?
— Tyrese was reportedly paid around $1.8 million for “Fast& Furious 9.”

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